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What to do When your Dishwasher Breaks Down

A dishwasher in a commercial kitchen is supposed to operate so well that there is no chance it can break down. There is a lot of reliance on the functionality of this machine in a commercial kitchen. You cannot be expected to continue serving clients if you do not have clean dishes. You will need to get the repair services in quickly to come to fix it. They might do so, or suggest you buy a new one. The latter option may not make much sense, since you cannot be sure it will not wind up where the current one is. You, therefore, need to know how to buy the machine with the right parts in it.

The first thing to do is stay away from those that have plastic parts in them. You may hear claims of long operation hours, but plastic will not withstand hat a commercial kitchen dishwasher has to go through. They for one cannot take in too much heat, while the dishwasher is supposed to operate at high temperatures. Such machines should be relegated to domestic use, where they will run less frequently and for shorter periods.

You need to buy one with stainless steel parts. With such a machine, you can be sure its parts will not break down as a result of all that heat. You also benefit from its resistance to the buildup for limescale. When it finally does, removing it with chemicals is an easier process.

You need to look at the country of origin of this dishwasher machine. You need one that was built by the best in the business. Acquiring high-quality stainless steel should not be a problem for them. This makes it easy for them to make great machines with great parts, and charge you a reasonable price for it. You can tell this when you look at the biggest brands in the market that have been made out of stainless steel. There are however lesser known names in the market, but which still make high quality machines and components. You can find out more about them and see if they have something that is right for you.

It is important that you acquire these machines and their parts with the lengthiest warranties you can get. Of you are dealing with a manufacturer who does not want to give a warranty longer than three years; you cannot be sure of the quality of the parts. You, therefore, need to aim for those that offer long periods of warranties. It should also not be that hard reaching them when a problem arises. If the supplied customer care numbers are not working properly, you cannot trust they will do a good job with your machine. You thus need to be sure they shall respond favorably if and when there is a problem.

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